As the lottery is an old game, a lot about it has been written into lottery books. These books give an oversimplified image of lottery games prevailed in the world. So, far there are too many books written on this to curate ways to win the lottery at maximum times. Lottery books are the subtle yet straightforward account of picking your lottery numbers precisely. The picking up of lottery books is essential as picking lottery numbers.

There are many books written on this matter that have interesting stories to relate with. These stories are inspired by real events that have a great sense of amusement and excitement.

Let us have a look at these top books that are acclaimed for their winning strategies at lottery games.

Top books for winning at lottery games

Every lottery winner story is incredible and amusing in its ways. Lottery books are sometimes written by other people and by the players themselves. The information and hacks are all real and can be used for winning at lottery games.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

This iconic book is written by Roald Dahl, who depicts a lottery game plot very marvelously. Charlie- the young lad decides to explore the world. To investigate, he enters a lottery club known as the chocolate factory club. This club operates on very different lottery games that needed some tricks to win the lottery. Charlie used a lot of tricks in it that made him win. He just made out his way throughout the game with exciting hacks. This book is one of the incredible lottery books that people love.

The lottery ticket

Lottery ticket book is written by Anton Chekov, who is regarded as the influential writer of the era. His books are meaningful and can persuade anyone to take that written tricks and hacks.

The book revolves around a couple who has won a lottery ticket but could not believe so. The books usually focus on the aftermath of the lottery win. The writer has beautifully shown the dramatics phase with his idea of lottery games.

The lottery books tell you an amusing story, and this story is one such story of the kind.

The winner

As the name depicts, it is the story of a man winning a lottery ticket. The writer of the book is David Baldacci. He has illustrated all tricks and ways the protagonist has used for winning the lottery. This book is of the tense thriller genre. To win the lottery ticket, the hero does good work on the pattern of the lottery.

The law of attraction

This book is shaped by the famous author Eddie Coronado. He has depicted all rules and regulations of the lottery in his renowned book. The book has four parts which deal with different subject related to the lottery. The book is famous for its useful convincing methods and tricks.


Lottery books are famous for their amenability and accessibility. Many authors and lottery expert persons have come forward to writing their tricks in the book for all lottery seekers. The player can win the lottery by implementing such tricks.