The NBA has a system of lottery that got drafted by the board of governors back on September 28th, 2017. NBA lottery has revamped all its exercises and techniques to pick lottery numbers in the NBA draft lottery. The NBA draft lottery is an annual event conducted by the National Basketball Association. They layout the teams from the previous year who could not participate in a lottery as they missed the playoffs. The NBA draft initially began in 1947.

The teams have the right to obtain basketball players from international as well as players from college basketball players other than eligible players. Then a lottery pick occurs where the person who will win the lottery will get the first selection in the draft. A non-playoff team is called a lottery team.

What is the process?

The recent lottery held was on August 20, 2020, during the pandemic. The pool of lottery participants includes a total of fourteen teams. These teams have either failed to go up or qualify in the previous or last season’s playoffs. These players get arranged in the order fo worst to best. Then, the lottery starts in a separate room before the broadcast begins. There are media personnel and correspondents who are present during the drawing process to note down who will win the lottery.

There are 14 ping-pong balls with the numbers 1 to 14 labeled on them placed in the lottery machine to pick who will win the lottery. It is evident through simple calculations that these balls can appear in 1001 probabilities or combinations. 4 balls get drawn out of the machine—1000 possibilities assigned to the 14 teams before the lottery to pick who will win the lottery.

After 20 seconds of the mixing process is over, the first ball gets picked out of the machine. The remaining balls get mixed for 10 seconds more and then again another ball gets drawn. Thi way every ten seconds, the third and fourth ball get drawn. The team that receives the combination matching with the team that does pick lottery numbers combination that comes up here will win the lottery and pick the first pick. The same process is repeated for second through 4th pick to see who will win the lottery. The same results get discarded and done again to pick who will win the lottery.

Representatives then join from every team virtually to check the result of the lottery. The results are contained in the envelopes. The last envelope has the No. 1 pick from the NBA Draft. This year, it will be held on Friday, October 16th.

Therefore, the process for who will win the lottery of the NBA Draft lottery is just a matter of time and patience. The entire process is very fair and does not involve a single human error when done in the process mentioned above. The NBA Draft lottery has kept the legacy going for ages and will remain to do so for many more years.

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